Peel Quickly is our recurring feature in which we invite our favourite up-and-coming artists, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators to showcase a selection of their works. First up is Iona Hutley, a British art student currently studying in Florence. Iona’s acidic palette and highly expressive brushstrokes show an influence of the Fauves, yet simultaneously speaks in a contemporary manner.

Describe to us what you do. I mostly paint. My subject matter is usually figurative and impulsively colourful. I also enjoy illustration, photography, typography and scrapbooking.

Where do you draw inspiration from? My mind is a revolving door of ideas, but it is also a sieve, so I try to make sure that I have a journal near by at all times. Inspiration usually comes from whatever I’m obsessing about at the time, a book I’m reading, something I saw, something I heard, a person I met. I then try to preserve all this material in my scrap books which are my memory banks for creative ammunition.

What are you listening to? It always depends what I’m doing, or my mood. I value variety.

Who’s your favourite artist? Right now, I’m loving Daniel Richter, Peter Doig and Chris Ofili. Rita Ackerman and Dasha Shishkin also take up lots of referral space in my sketch books.

What have you got coming up? Im going to India for Holi Festival! There are no words to describe my excitement!

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