Chelia Batkin is a young London based artist who spends her summers working for an art gallery in New York City. Chelia’s stunning photographs document the places and people she meets whilst living in Brooklyn, and beautifully captures the creative atmosphere of the city. If like us, you love her work, make sure you check out more of her images on her photo journal:

Describe to us what you do.
I like to get to know the neighborhoods I live in: The people, places, atmosphere and aesthetics. I do this by taking my camera for a walk, and documenting the stories I find along the way.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
This summer I lived in Brooklyn, it was a very creative atmosphere, with an infectious artistic vibe. I was in awe of this modest and positive community just minutes away from such a powerful city. By approaching interesting people and exploring new streets and shops, I like to walk around and let the photos find me.
What are you listening to?
At the moment I really like iamamiwhoami, they’re a really interesting Swedish collective. Their fans contribute money for upcoming singles, and what ever the budget big or small iamamiwhoami use it all to create their videos. Their song Play is great, I’m a big fan of the video for it.
Who’s your favourite artist?
Recently I came across the work of Ivan Puig, a Mexican artist who manipulates his sculptures; making them appear as if they’re sinking. Really simple concept with an impressive outcome, his pieces are both satisfying and witty; worth a look!
What have you got coming up?
At the moment I’m working on a Zine, the theme is centered around that time of day just before sunset when the lighting is particularly special. Using my photographs from this summer alongside short story and poetry submissions from writers, I want to show the spirit of New York’s atmospheric summer vibes.

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