Peel Slowly & See was founded in 2014 by Alice Hoad, Carinthia Pearson and Kitty Malton, three finalists in History of Art at the University of Bristol.

The name ‘Peel Slowly & See’ derives from the classic 1967 Velvet Underground & Nico album cover by Andy Warhol. The design featured a glossy, yellow sticker of a banana, in Warhol’s iconic pop art style. Early copies of the album invited the listener to peel back the banana skin to reveal the fleshy fruit within.

This is suggestive of the nature of the blog: revealing, reviving and championing the work of a diverse range of up-and-coming, established and forgotten artists. We are also determined to take the stuff out of writing about art and create a beautiful, accessible and relevant discussion about art, its people and its lovers.

We write about all sorts of things: art, art books, artists, exhibitions, fashion, film, graphics, interviews, philosophy, photography, theatre and more.

Anyone with an interest in the arts and visual culture is encouraged to submit articles. If you would like to contribute please emailΒ